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Windows Store apps Succintly: development made easy with Syncfusion


Providing a tool that allows to approach the Windows Store apps development quickly and easily: this is the goal of Windows Store apps Succintly, a free eBook from Syncfusion’s Succinctly Series, that in less than 200 pages shows everything you need to start programming app for Windows 8.

Windows Store apps Succintly eBook

Windows Store apps Succintly eBook

The book is written by John Garland and is available in both Kindle and PDF formats. It requires a knowledge of C# and the basics of XAML, necessary to address the various topics, that are presented in 7 chapters:

  1. Core Concepts (the Windows Runtime and the anatomy of a Windows Store app project)
  2. XAML, Controls, and Pages (how to create UI for Windows 8)
  3. Application Life Cycle and Storage (the new Application Execution Model and how to save and retrieve application files during Life Cycle events)
  4. Contracts and Extensions (Searching, Sharing, using Pickers, etc.)
  5. Tiles, Toasts, and Notifications
  6. Hardware and Sensors (using GPS, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and integration with Cameras and Microphones)
  7. Deployment (how to submit an app, trial mode, in-app purchases and Ads)

Each argument is clearly described and comes with useful code samples, so that the discussions has always a very handy connotation. There are also some cool tips that can be interested even for developers that already know all the topics, so everybody involved in Windows Store apps development should think about reading this book.

The kind of the book doesn’t allow to deepen the various arguments too much, but every topic is accompanied by links for in-depth analysis, thanks to which we can continue the study by ourselves.

In conclusion, if you are searching for an introduction to Windows Store apps development and you want to be cost-effective as soon as possible, Windows Store apps Succintly is the book for you. But remember that, even if you have are a skilled developer, this book can help with useful tips.

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